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Thread: Now what? Crazy month with exgf. From NC, FWB, Friends and now what..

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    Jul 2016

    Now what? Crazy month with exgf. From NC, FWB, Friends and now what..

    Long story short. Ex called it quits after saying she could no longer provide the "emotional fuel" for both of us. I have ptsd, she knew this.

    Bottom line here's a synapses of the past month:

    She ended things. I begged and pleaded. Eventually she blocked me or so she said. We didn't talk for 6 days, I send a message asking for my laptop charger. One thing lead to another and she agreed to meeting up that weekend (2 weeks removed from breakup).

    We chill that weekend, have sex, spend the entire weekend together.

    Next weekend comes, something very similar occurs. Makes it known with her family she's around me again. Once again we have sex.

    This past weekend after a conversion during the week she informs me no more sex, but we can still hang out. So we spend this past weekend together again, except on Friday after a few drinks she comes out to me at her house after a great night that "she could see this working". Albeit this came after I had a ptsd episode where I felt depressed and doubted why I was even at her house. Regardless still spent the weekend together...and then Sunday came. She was off to do something with her sister, didn't mind me chilling at her house. When she left, I sent her a message stating that I as much as I wanted to be part of her life, I don't beleive a friendship is a position I should put myself in currently and would only like to stay around if there was a possibility of something more.

    That night she comes back, I'm asleep on her couch, she's getting ready for bed and asks me where I'm sleeping. I decide to sleep next to her. Well while laying there I ask her to about my message earlier (which she answered in a response that she was no interested in more). This did not sit well with her and she got annoyed with me, so I asked her one last time if that was what she wanted and forsaw nothing with us... Bottom line she made a comment after that question about "what are you going to do, leave now?!". I said yep. Got out of bed. Got in my car and that was it.

    Haven't heard from her since. Thinking moving forward I gave her the chance and she made it abundantly clear, even after her words Friday night.

    So no contact moving forward it is. This will be the first time she may actually realize I'm gone..if she cares at all.

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    Jul 2017
    People already gave u advice a few days ago. People make choices and direct their life the way they want it to go.if you want to have some semblance of self respect, I'd block her and never speak to her again. She lost feelings and is using you. Time to stop being a doormat and chump and put her behind you for good. No friendship no attempts to convince her of anything. You're worth a lot more. Your behaviour has been...Eh. So just stop.

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