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Thread: I told my ex to block me

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    I told my ex to block me

    My ex and I broke up a month ago and in that time we talked a few times. Sometimes we would fight sometimes she showed interest in hanging out soon, she asked me if I could bring her food once and immediately said never mind she doesn’t want to see me. She talked a lot about mistakes I made in our relationship. Last time we talked I told
    Her she needs to be clear because she keeps being all over the place and that I want to talk about us or she needs to block me on her phone and all social media. She blocked me, She had blocked me before and would unblock me
    After a few days. Was it a bad idea to tell
    Her to block me? Will she want to talk eventually?

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    Super Moderator Capricorn3's Avatar
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    Well, sounds like blocking is a good thing for both of you as it doesn't sound like an awesome relationship. Full NC is the way to go, imo.

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    Whether you block her or she blocks you, you’re both better off not being in contact at all with each other.

    You fight, she’s pushing and pulling - no one has time for that.

    I’d cut contact and keep it that way.

    Whether she’ll try and reach you in the future is anyone’s guess. But for now, I’d keep your distance.

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    Platinum Member Clio's Avatar
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    She may or may not want to talk eventually. That doesn't mean that she won't keep being all over the place. She will keep confusing you for as long as you let her. If you want to reliably stop this back and forth, if she unblocks you again, you need to block her yourself and keep her blocked. Telling her to block you is a passive stance that leaves you at her mercy. For the head games and drama to stop you would need to block her yourself and keep it that way. It sounds like you hope that she will come around yet sadly you both sound too immature for this relationship to work.


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    Sorry to hear this. It sounds more like you are in the processes of breaking up rather than broken up. It's up to you to block and delete her and All her people from All your social media and All your messaging apps. Telling someone to block you is telling them you are still so hooked you can't help yourself.

    You need to cease contact and not be at the beck and call of her confusion or listen to diatribes about everything you did wrong. It sounds like this faux breakup is a manipulation tool to get you to change according to her list of "mistakes I made in our relationship".
    Originally Posted by NickOrnelas
    we would fight sometimes she showed interest in hanging out soon, she asked me if I could bring her food once. She talked a lot about mistakes I made in our relationship.

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    Oct 2016
    This girl is breadcrumbing you, man. She tells you to go pick up some food and then refuses to spend time with you? That sounds like she thinks you'll do her bidding because she knows you want her back. I wouldn't give her that satisfaction. She has all the power in this situation and she knows it.

    Go No Contact. If she reaches out, you respond when its convenient for you (ie. not immediately) and unless she is bringing dinner over to your place with the intention of some form of a romantic situation, you don't have any reason to see her at this point. If you do choose to respond (I wouldn't at this point) and she has no intention of what I just described, you politely tell her to reach out if she changes her mind.

    Don't beg, bargain or compromise so you can see her again. Its not worth it. There's plenty of other girls out there that would love to have you in their lives and won't disrespect you by jerking you around like this.

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    Platinum Member reinventmyself's Avatar
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    Why is she the gate keeper and the one holding all the power?
    Do you have any say in your own self care? Because it is your responsibility, not hers.

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