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Thread: Is it ever a good idea to confront the person trying to break up your marriage?

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    Nooo do not confront her. If you do she will want him even more. Don't ever make her feel that you are threatened by her because it will show that your relationship isn't strong. And you are showing her your weakness. Do nothing.

    And with your husband, i would wait and see how much more texting he is doing and try not to let him know that you feel threatened. I know many will not agree with this but the more you focus on her the more attractive she will become to him. It s like when you tell a child to not eat the candy. The more delicious that candy will look and child will want it even more. It s human nature. If he says they are just friends just ask him to get her and her husband over for dinner if they texted a lot and he has excuses like she's a good friends or whatever. And trust me as much as you don't wanna see her, the dinner and coffee will never happen anyway if there's something more going on. If he's innocent he'd get you to meet her if they r such good friends. See how your husband behaves. If he agree to bring that couple over and you will be able to judge whether it is a threat to your marriage or not. During dinner be very sweet and charming to your husband.. kisses and touching but don't over do it. Be subtle. Mark your territory..we r too busy being insecure but marking territory is the key. Don't hiss at your hubby Infront of her. Also be nice to her and try to be genuine.

    This way is better way to deal with this issue than trying to stop him from texting her. He will keep texting her if he wants to text her and will probably hide better if you confront him.
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