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Thread: Asthma and Performing Over a Microphone

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    Asthma and Performing Over a Microphone

    So I've been diagnosed with adult onset asthma and I'm getting a radio/podcasting career going. This is being managed medically, but this comes as a blow to my confidence and may affect my future plans. I've noticed my breath is getting shorter and my sentences are being cut short as a result. Could there be breathing techniques I could use so as to not sound so wheezy when I'm talking over the microphone?

    Is there anyone in a similar situation? I'm reaching out to fellow asthmatics who have dealt with this problem as well in their lines of work. Will I have to consider switching out of this line of work and finding something else? What should I be worried about it the near or far future if I keep going?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared
    If it is being managed properly you should be ok. I am asthmatic and sing. Usually I am ok. Many athletes are also asthmatic.

    Donít give up a career until it settles.

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    Do more cardio, and stick to black coffee. It will help!!!

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    No asthma, but bad allergies. I have an inhaler that I rarely use--only on bad days, but carrying it serves as a good psychological safety net. There is a breathing technique called 'square breathing' that you can google to learn and practice every day. The reason for the practice is to be good at it during the times when you really need it. It helps to manage anxiety and slow heart rate. It interrupts the spiral of anxiety causing a quickened heart rate, which impacts breathing, which causes more anxiety ...

    CongrAts and best wishes for a fabulous radio experience!


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