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Thread: dental surgery sinus lift dental implants

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    dental surgery sinus lift dental implants

    has anyone had or known someone who has had a sinus lift and dental implants? how was the recovery? surgery? were they happy with the results?
    I'm pretty terrified of the idea but I think it will make a big improvement in my quality of life.

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    Get a second opinion before you go through with it preferably by an academic hospital affiliated oral and maxillofacial surgeon, rather than just another dentist selling implants for cosmetic effect. Unless you are much older and have significant irreversible dental disease, implants are not the best option. For purely cosmetic improvement, certainly do not have viable teeth extracted and replaced with screws in your jawbone.

    Check your oral surgeon's credentials. Make sure that they are board certified in oral and maxillofacial surgery. You know the old adage. Measure twice, cut once is better than measure once, cut twice. Also make sure that you fully research all other options, including more tissue sparing and less invasive options to achieve whatever oral health and cosmetic result you need.

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    I have one implant because I had to have a tooth extracted. It's not that bad, but it does hurt. You will need a day or 2 to recover because you will be on pain killers. If you're having multiple done that would be tough but it's not like having major surgery.

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    I know of a few people who have had implants. It took the better part of year to go through the process. I hope they explained that to you. I can't imagine that coupled with a sinus lift?

    whatever you decide, good luck.


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