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Thread: Another dead end?

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    Another dead end?

    Iíve been talking to this guy for about 2 weeks, and I canít stop thinking about him. He lives in my town (different schools), but weíve never even officially ďhung outĒ. I know itís too early to say this, but I really like him. Heís kind and sweet and funny, and heís fun to talk to. All I want to do is to go hang out with him & see if things may go further. But heís sending mixed signals. One night he sent me a paragraph about how much he loved talking to me, and the next he seemed like my existence bored him. I donít know if Iím reading too far into things & being paranoid, or if Iím not receiving the hints. We planned to hang out last weekend, but he had a school function he couldnít miss (competition). He hasnít brought it back up again, and I donít want to seem clingy. Iíve been trying to make myself as happy as possible recently, and I really donít want to just let such a good thing go. However, I havenít known him long enough to call myself attached (or at least I shouldnít be). Any advice would be appreciated, I just needed to vent.

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    Wow, you're energy level is very high for an involvement that hasn't even become a relationship yet (and may never become a relationship at all). You need to chill out immediately. You've been speaking to this person for two weeks. They shouldn't be rescheduling weekend plans that are important and that likely existed before the two of you began talking to hang out with you. Why can't you think of anything else? Obsession isn't healthy, it isn't love, and it tends to be a huge turn-off for people - unless they are abusers.

    You need to focus on making yourself happy for sure before you even consider getting into a relationship with anyone.

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    That is great you have found someone who appears to have great chemistry online, but when actually you two meeting up and engaging with one another may be a different story.

    Consider meeting up when your schedules actually do match up, but know that it may, or may not work out in the long run if you are just not compatible in person if your relationship revolves around an online persona.

    For now keep talking, set reasonable expectations to an online budding romance.

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    Is this the same guy? All you can do is wait and see if he asks you out. In the mean time stop contacting him this much. Give guys room to breathe no matter how big your crush is.
    Originally Posted by angel11223
    I followed a guy from another school on insta, and I seriously considered texting him. I still kind of liked the new guy though.
    Th next morning, I had a text message from the new guy.


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    No mixed signals. If he is interested in dating you he will ask you out on a date he plans in advance , time and place, and show up. He hasnít done that so assume he is not interested in dating you. That could change but if you give him the privilege of typing to you without having to make any effort to meet you or plan a date that he keeps he will be far less motivated to put in the effort. Right now he enjoys typing you flirtatious messages. That seems clear too. The only mixed signals are the ones you are giving yourself. If you would like to date him see if he follows up on his nice words about making a plan. Ball is in his court right now. Tell him in a polite way you reall enjoy texting , for now you are too busy to text back and forth and you assume when he has time to make a plan to see you he will and then you will see if you two can find a good time to meet.

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