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Thread: How do u be friends with a guy?

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    How do u be friends with a guy?

    I seem to be cold towards him lol but it is definitely my mistake since idk how to act and for some reason i stutter and jumble words when i talk to my classmates that aren’t close to me. But i am talkative with my bffs. Yes i am a girl, and this person is my seatmate… sometimes he talks to me but i ignored him ACCIDENTALLY cuz idk he was talking to me! So i just ignored it… ugh please i need advices. Tysm!!

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    Platinum Member Wiseman2's Avatar
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    If you have a crush on him you'll have to smile and be polite and friendly and chitchat. If you are going to act rude, self-centered and ignore people don't expect many friends to stick around or any dates. Can your parents give you some tips on social skills and manners?
    Originally Posted by GrandeTears
    sometimes he talks to me but i ignored him

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    Platinum Member figureitout23's Avatar
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    Apr 2017
    Well there’s two answers based on your feelings so you like him or simply want to be platonic friends?

    If you just want to be his friend treat him as you would any other friend, chat, see what you have in common, develop a friendship.

    If you have a crush well that quite different, I guess you can try not calm your nerves and strike up a conversation.
    Whether it’s crush or friendship just enjoy yourself and see what naturally develops

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    Think of questions you can ask him ahead of time, i.e. What did you do this weekend? I don't understand this part of the assignment. Can you help me? I like your shirt. My dog/cat did the cutest thing the other day . . . Do you have any pets?

    The best way to get over the stuttering and jumbled words is to keep on practicing. A decent person won't think any less of you for trying.


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    Platinum Member lostandhurt's Avatar
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    He made the effort and you ignored him. The ball is in your court. Say Hi and ask how he day is going, ask about the subject you are in class for like "Did you finish the assignment? "I struggled with this part" and take it from there.

    You have something in common since you are in the same class together so you that as the catalyst.

    He will not bite so be brave and talk



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