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Thread: Found out boyfriend kissed someone a year ago

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    Originally Posted by Wiseman2
    You were still married and you two were only dating 3 mos and not exclusive at the time. It may be best to reflect on if the cheating husband is the driving force behind this type of baggage.
    we were sleeping together, spending every weekend together and had been on a holiday away together. We were exclusive

    I think this is why his behavior concerns her

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    Ok missed that ..."='%$-,&^,)?#<?":,(*./@!';
    Originally Posted by IAmFCA

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    The guy has kept in touch with her even when we were together without my knowledge. We were "official" as soon as he got back so that's how far our 'courtship' was.
    He has said to me that he would not have expected me to date anyone at that stage. He also told me that he knew I would bail if I ever knew about what happened.
    We were always open about other people we dated in our early stages before agreeing to focus on each other but the guy decided to lie for his own selfish reasons. Have cake and eat it I believe.

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