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Thread: Should I stay or should I go now?

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    There is a vast span between "perfect" and abusive. No one turns someone into an abuser, however having chosen such men may indicate that some short term therapy to explore that and readjust your boundaries, instincts and self esteem may be in order.
    Originally Posted by Mel20192019
    -feels wrong and yucky

    -Im 31 and I feel like I should be married and have kids

    -I don't wanna have to do all this again!

    -If I keep looking for that perfect guy in never gonna find him because maybe it's me making them like this!

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    Hey Wiseman thanks for your reply, I know what you mean I do have issues that I need to deal with, I've always had an issue with knowing my worth and loving myself. I guess what I really need to ask now is how would I set boundaries and what do I do when he acts this way? How do I stand up for myself? I was always told growing up that if someone is direspectful towards me that I shouldn't do anything and I should just ignore it... I think this is my issue so now I need to know how to react when im being mistreated?

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