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Thread: Long Distance Boyfriend Gone With Almost No Warning

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    Originally Posted by Annia
    Oh, I see, I thought you were saying he was a recluse like an inmate in a prison haha
    But yes, if it's the same guy it sounds even more fishy.
    I agree. The stories don't match up.

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    Originally Posted by Hollyj
    I agree. The stories don't match up.
    His depression to keep away and justify disappearances and not meeting in person (despite being just 5 hours away) but now suddenly it's just working so many hours (driving 11 hours to work? What?) and not being so available to talk specially on fridays and saturdays (date nights or typical nights/weekends with the wife or girlfriend), difficult to contact and verify stories, now all this fishy mess about hacking and desactivating his number... it really points to girlfriend or wife and now it seems that he was caught, hence this sudden disappearance act with accounts and numbers deleted/deactivated.

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