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Thread: Scared I might have alcohol poisoning?

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    Scared I might have alcohol poisoning?

    Hey everyone,

    I donít care for drinking, and Iím honestly disappointed in myself. I was visiting with my childhood best friend whose here for the weekend and I didnít intend to get drunk, just have a couple of drinks to be social. Big mistake.

    Her mom brought out a shot glass and Iím not sure how many shots I had but probably around four plus most of a cup of whiskey and coke. Iím 23 years old, weigh around 136 pounds and am 5í2 (female). I was stumbling some and even fell when my mom came to pick me up. While I was drunk at my friendís house I was never incoherent. Once my mom picked me up is when I let go, I guess, and I donít remember a lot after that.

    I canít really remember getting there, but I woke up in bed a couple of hours after getting home and vomited everywhere. After getting up and taking a hot shower- I looked really awful, super pale- got back in bed but it took a long time to fall asleep and I was shivering a bit.

    I felt nauseous when I woke back up and it was hard but I managed to finally get up and take some aspirin to get rid of my headache. I ate most of a slice of bread. Drank water. And then I went back to sleep.

    Whatís mostly got me so scared that I have alcohol poisoning is that my hands are clammy and cold and so are my feet. Theyíve been like this all day. I havenít been able to find anyone else with this hangover symptom really, which makes me extra nervous. I actually just slept for about two hours and woke up feeling hot, especially in the face, but my hands are still clammy and my feet were cold and clammy even though I had socks on.

    I havenít eaten much today. I donít have a lot of appetite. Iím hungry but when I try to eat my body doesnít really seem to want to. I made myself have a little bit of soup and about half of a hamburger. Iíve drank some Gatorade and a good bit of water. I probably need to drink some more water after this.

    My breathing is ok, but feels sort of labored I guess. I have panic attacks sometimes and I feel like that might be part of it. I told my mom all of this but she insists I donít have alcohol poisoning but Iím not so sure. I feel like if nothing else maybe I could have mild alcohol poisoning. I canít afford an ER visit or I would have insisted she take me or called an ambulance or something.

    The only other thing is that my stomach has been making noises and doesnít feel too great. My tongue still feels dry and Iím tired but anxious?

    I feel like an idiot, but at least I can definitely say I wonít drink again. Iím just glad I refused the last drink my friend kept offering me because I would be even sicker Iím sure. I wish I had been smart enough to not drink at all.

    I know you canít offer me actual medical advice, but I would like your opinions on if it sounds like I might have alcohol poisoning? Iím really scared because of the clammy hands and feet. I should have better educated myself on the risks of drinking alcohol, but I just assumed beforehand that you only had to worry if you drank constantly or a really crazy amount.

    Thanks, and I hope you wonít think too badly of me,


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    Youíre right we canít give you medical advice. I would see your primary care doctor or go to urgent care which is a lot less expensive then the Emergency room.

    Itís better to be safe then sorry. So getting it checked out is worth it.

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    You wouldn't be writing this here if you were that incoherent. Alcohol intoxication and alcohol poisoning are on a spectrum. Alcohol is a multi-system toxin hence "intoxicated". Binge drinking is consuming excessive amounts of alcohol in a short period of time.

    You are doing the right things staying hydrated. As well as deciding not to drink. You are going to feel like hell when you dump a truckload of toxins in your body. If you still don't feel well get to an ER.
    Originally Posted by capricorny
    I feel like if nothing else maybe I could have mild alcohol poisoning. I canít afford an ER visit

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    Based on the inferred timeline, you don't have acute alcohol poisoning. Alcohol metabolizes rather quickly, so 12+ hours out is all secondary effects. You drank to excess, and experienced a horrid hangover. Hydrate and eat as tolerated, should be back to yourself by 48 hours.


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    Just wanted to say thanks. Your reply made me feel a lot better. I have more of an appetite now which Iím grateful for since I was struggling to make myself eat. Thanks again, it means a lot.

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    Don't stress too much, you've just got a bad hangover, which is essentially alcohol poisoning, but you haven't drank enough for it to be life threatening. You just haven't got a high tolerance for alcohol. All of us have probably been in your situation several times in our youth..... I've been their so many times I can't remember.

    My ex wife is you're size and what you consumed, would be pre-drinks for her before a big night out. She would have no issues continuing on to consume a total of 15-18 standard drinks + shots, with similar consequences the next day.

    When I was younger I was admitted to hospital with alcohol poisoning, had my stomach pumped and was basically unconscious for 19 hours. I had consumed two bottles of vodka over 8 hours....... Now I'd be lucky to have one drink in 6 months.

    If you ever have more than a few drinks, make sure you have a decent meal before hand and I usually have a glass of water for every 2 - 3 drinks.
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    It sounds like a hangover. I had hundreds when I was younger. I had alcohol poisoning once or twice. Not pretty. Now I donít think I have had a hangover in 25 years.

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    No, you do not have alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning is far worse than this. You wouldn't even be coherent. I won't go into the details but trust me when I say this is not alcohol poisoning.

    You drank too much and it gave you a hangover but it will pass. You are young, healthy, your body will get rid of all the alcohol in you quite quickly. It has gotten rid of most already.

    You shouldn't drink...I mean, ever. You have far too much anxiety over it.

    Secondly, you need help with anxiety disorder. You should go and talk to a doctor or get to a therapist and get some help. You sound like a hypochondriac and it's no way to live.
    You shouldn't be scared to this degree or watching your body to this degree.
    It is all anxiety based.

    It's normal to be careful and to take care of yourself, but you've gone way past that and are becoming obsessive.
    I imagine it's difficult to live with that worry 24/7 and always feel scared that something bad is going to happen.
    You shouldn't have to live that way and this is why you need proper help with it before it gets worse.

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    You have a hangover. Rest and drink plenty of water. You will be ok.

  11. 02-11-2019, 06:39 PM

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