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Thread: Work issue

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    Work issue


    I'm a 23 years old woman and english is not my first language. So, i will try to be as clear as possible. I am a full-time university student and I will graduate in may. I intend to start my graduate study in september. I applied to three universities (my current one and two other universities that are in a bigger city, about two hours away from where i live).

    I am living in appartment and my lease is ending in july. I already told my landlord I would not renew the lease. I am 90% sure I will get accepted to one of the universities that are in the other city. So, i will search an appartment in that area as I'd rather study there than stay where i am right now.

    I am currently working in a kitchen where the conditions are somehow very bad. I have been working there for a year before (the conditions were bad but I could handle it). I quitted the job last spring to travel all summer and went back to this job once school started. When i got back there, there were lots of management issues. They didn't have enough employees, etc.

    This kitchen is linked to a shop where they sell already cooked meals. So people just buy them, micro-wave them at home and it's ready in 5 minutes. When i contacted my boss to go back to work, I asked to work in the shop instead of the kitchen. He said it was fine. I started working as a cashier. I made good money with tips and it was easier than the kitchen. I didn't have heavy loads to lift, etc. Because of the lack of employees, they started asking me to help in kitchen and without asking me, one day, I received a text from my boss saying someone else would do my job and I would now work in the kitchen. I was pissed off because the only reason I went back there was because I could finally stop working in the kitchen.
    I negotiated a 2$ increased salary which still doesn't equal what I earned as a cashier with all my tips. I lose about 50$/week. It might not seem much but for me it was doing all the different between having to work 2 or 3 days and working just one day.

    I got sick this christmas. I had a cold, followed by a gastro, followed by influenza, followed by a sinusitis. I took two days off from work. Plus my car broke down the other day. So, i had to ask another day off as I couldn't drive there. When I got back to work this week, they asked me to come an hour in advance for no reason and start work early. I basically got told to do all the crappy work all day. It feels like they were trying to annoy me to make me pay for my missed days. Anyway... I have started looking for other jobs.

    Here is the dilemma:

    Because of my studies and because I can speak many languages, I have an interview booked on monday for a job in an airport as a customer service agent. It's 10h/week, well paid, during the weekends, but with unfixed schedule.

    I got offered to work in a coffee shop, 10-15h/week, from monday till friday, with minimum salary + tips. So it would be about the same salary as the airport.

    I got offered a secretary job. 15h-20h a week, monday till friday. I have no idea what the salary is as I haven't got the interview yet.

    Finally I got offered a customer service job in a bakery. For now, she would just have 6h a week to offer me on friday, which would be minimum salary. She possibly could give me 12h/week but it is not sure as she doesn't really need another employee right now.

    I need at least 10h-15h a week to survive at least financially. The airport job would interest me but I hate the unfixed schedules. If i had the choice, i would choose the bakery job as this is a bit my dream to work in a bakery (even if the salary is bad). Except 6h a week is not enough for me. The coffee is interesting but is far from where i live.

    Now the tricky thing is that by july, I lose my apartment. I could still stay there all summer and sleep on my sister's couch who also live in the same city as me, but it is not ideal.
    I don't know if it is really worth trying to find a different job if I move in July in a different city but I don't think I can physically and mentally handle the kitchen anymore.

    I have classes on tuesday (all day), wednesday (evening), and thursday (all day). So it gives me monday, wednesday (day), friday and the weekend to work. I'd rather have my weekends off to rest a bit as I'm busy with school. I just don't know what to do.

    My questions are: is it worth to find another job whether or not I move in July? Which job sound the best according to you? What should I do?

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    I would look for another job. I would probably go with number 2. What percentage do people tip in your city?

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    I would take any other job as quickly as possible to get away from the kitchen job that changed your role. I would ask my current landlord if it's possible to keep the apartment on a month-to-month after my lease ends, and then give 30 days notice before leaving.

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