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Thread: How much does it cost to have a gf?

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    This is a strange question to ask as usually if someone likes another person, the cost of dating them isn't something you think about much.

    I'm guessing you're young and have limited finances so I'll use my 17 year old son and 20 year old daughter as an example (they both work).

    My son is a romantic, he buys his girlfriend flowers once a week. When they eat out they share the costs together, except he doesn't have his full licence yet so he regularly pays for her fuel. This year he spent $200 for Christmas presents for her and for her birthday (he will be 18) he's planned a trip to Bali for them, which he's paid for her flights......$600. My son might be an exception, as his friends girl friends always comment how much he spoils her.

    My daughter and her boyfriend also share costs and occasionally spend a lot of money on gifts. Her boyfriend gave her an $1000 diamond ring for Christmas.

    When you get my age (40 ish) and still believe in being a gentleman by paying for dates it can be quite expensive. Over a year and a half after my divorce, I spent at least $3500 on dates (I went on quite a few)

    This might sound crazy and is an exceptional circumstance, but my current GF lives 15,000 km away and I gambled $5000 for travel and expenses for what could have been a 10 minute coffee date...... Luckily it went well.

    I've been with her for a little over two years and I would hate to add up the costs of dating her.... Probably $20,000+, but coming from an abusive marriage, it's money well spent as I've never met a more caring, consistent and compassionate woman.

    Although it's not her culture to do so, she often pays for her own expenses when we are together.

    If you're young, dating shouldn't cost much. In western culture now days it's expected that costs will be shared, but saying that, be a gentleman and always pay for the first few dates or if you specifically ask her somewhere. Small simple gifts given for no reason other that you love her go a long way and a bit more though on birthdays, Valentines day and Christmas is important.

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    Originally Posted by iwishiknew
    I'm curious about how much does it cost to have a gf? I know cost will be different for everyone. But roughly about how much do you guys spend in a week/month? Thanks
    Like your other post I agree Ė having a real girlfriend is not where your expenses start to develop. If you wine and dine woman Then the expenses increase depending on what all do you want to do. I would encourage you not to be a cheap date as women canít find those on every corner. If she is important to you then do your best to show her that. That has nothing to do with money. Stay true to yourself and do not get lost chasing her.

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