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Thread: Difficult to find friends anywhere

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    Oct 2018
    your therapist is right. and just because you change and do things right doesn't mean success comes RIGHT AWAY. You have to stay consistent at it, trust in it, have faith in "the process" and eventually things wil turn around.
    See.. it's not about changing how you are and talk to people. It's changing your ENTIRE universe with the new mindset and living EVERY LITTLE ASPECT of your life to the new way of thinking.

    The way of thinking should be, "stay in the moment. have fun. be me and do what brings me joy." Right now you are putting your entire happiness and joy on depending on OTHERS. Wrong move. nobody is going to put YOU first before themselves - much as YOU need to always put yourself first.

    So enjoy. Find joy. Be in the moment. Fill yourself with things that bring you joy just because - where you dont' need to depend on anythign else but yourself. And keep doing it - even if it's slow starting. AFter this becomes autonomous to the point you're not even thinking about it anymore -0 you're just doing it and enjoying it.. you'll be surprised how things turn around and change for you after that. It has for me!

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    There are apps similar to dating apps that are for friendship.

    I know bumble has a "bff" setting. Not sure of other ones but there must be.

    Also there is a "meet up" app. I think it's for people to meet up with similar interests.

    Online friends are fine. But using those apps you can meet people in real life too.

    Although I've met some lovely people from going to evening classes. So maybe think about classes.

    Friendships come and go... That's normal. So expanding hobbies can be great to meet people with similar interests.

    Also you have to remember only true friends will stay there for you regardless. So the people you have lost so far are not worth having around.

    One of my mum's best friends she met later in life. So there is no rush on finding friends in life.

    Best of luck :)

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