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Thread: It gets better

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    It gets better

    So 3+ years ago my ex cheated on me and broke up with me and decided to date the other girl I know horrible right smh...welp I went into a depressive state lost 40+ lbs because I went to the gym all the time and eventually was just some skinny sad chick smh....in the midst of all of that I met my now best friend who is amazing and made some really great friendship connections with my sorority sisters who I hadnt talked to in a year or so...I slowly stopped thinking about that piece of and dated a few guys and nothing sticked but hey free food and movie! Yes please I traveled and met even more great people and right not to mention became a nurse all in that short span of 3 years. I think the highlight though of it all was meeting my now husband heís amazing smart kind sweet and treats me like Iím his world he truly is my whole heart in human form until we have our own little clones lol the best thing my ex told me before he walked out was heís not the man for me and he was right he wasnít the man for me Iím too good for him too smart and too much of a catch....I just so happen to be looking at old things to delete on my phone since Iím selling it and this popped up lol I just wanted to say move on I know it hurts I know you canít see the bright light at the end of the tunnel but itís there your perfect match is there and they will be amazing to you and not just in the loving way but in a way of sleeping closer to the door so if a killer comes in youíll have a chance to escape life is too short to dwell on people who donít appreciate you so smile even when it hurts and keep pushing youíre beautiful and amazing

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    I love a happy ending, and really appreciate such a positive and kind post, thank you. Would I be selfish to feel like it was written for me? :) I have just come out of a 3 year relationship with someone who absolutely did not appreciate me. There was no cheating but a lot of being taken for granted, being pushed aside in favour of people who were outwardly unkind to me, and spoken down to by my boyfriend time and time again. I absolutely idealised him and would do anything for him, but was becoming so depressed, living my life around him and having nothing for myself. We mutually decided to split and it has been HARD. However, despite the lonely nights and boyfriend-shaped void in my life, I know he is not the one for me, and the one for me is still out there somewhere. I am so happy to hear of your relationship with your husband, and that you are being treated with love and kindness as you should have been all along. You sound like an amazing person and thank you for taking the time to lift the spirits of people who aren't quite there yet <3 xxx

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    Thank you for this. At my age (40), I wonder if Iím still going to meet a match for me. But in any case I have to live for me.

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    Originally Posted by audrey28
    Thank you for this. At my age (40), I wonder if Iím still going to meet a match for me. But in any case I have to live for me.
    you will Audrey28! it is not over, till it's over!



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