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Thread: fetish

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    We got together almost 7 years ago--was crazy wild at first-- testing each other, lots and lots of sex, too much drinking, all that stuff-- we are older---so I thought once all that wore off, we would have the typical relationship--- He seemed to drink a lot, there were drugs, but again, I thought once we got thru that phase it would surely settle down---How could you possibly keep that up?

    Got married quickly, , things still crazy, cracks starting to show---I always assumed it was me--reality has hit--- he has a terrible temper--everyone just avoids him due to it--

    He will seriously watch porn all afternoon, never once attempt to do chores, and yes I have asked in every possible way, so I clean up after him---YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!! Makes eggs, and slops them all over the counter and just leaves it--has burnt the coffee table and new sofa with his cigars, He drops his clothes everywhere---refuses to clean/help out--- he is drunk most of the time, when using the toilet he almost never lifts the seat--which of course sucks, but most times does not flush, and worse yet, 50% of the time just pees on the floor--says he has a prostrate issue's and I am making him feel bad when I complain to clean it up--- his own family won't allow him to visit without someone to clean up after him-

    So here it is-- he only wants me to do him with a dildo, and then to suck/lick his nipples till he masturbates. He thinks I should feel proud and honored that I am able to please my husband. He says, 'aren't you glad that you can make your husband feel good'-- I seriously want to .....I am not sure-- he hasn't really had sex with me in over 6 months--- which is ok---I would rather go without--- even when we are attempting to have sex he tells me how he would prefer me to get the dildo out and do him--- he continues to whine and cry till I do--even if I say honey let's just enjoy each other tenderly together, he whines and complains like a 3 year old, 'but this is what I want, don't you want to take care of your husband?"

    He has me to the point that I know I need to leave, but I think I never ever EVER want to have sex again--- My one good friend who knows a little of this always tells me to leave--he has made me feel so degraded, and of course taken everything I had from me. He had isolated me from every friend--he has destroyed all friendships and made me dependent on him. I know that he is communicating with old girlfriends----and have told him how it hurts me-- but I thing because I do not want him physically the way he want me to--taking care of him only, --he feels he has the 'right'---any advice besides just the obvious?

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    You are with an abusive alcoholic. You enable his drinking, act like a servant and call girl and condone and encourage this reprehensible behavior by mommying him. He didn't "make you dependent" on him. You just won't get a job and get on your own and leave and that is your choice.. You have a laundry list of what a sleazeball he is and what a victim you are but there's something in this for you so you choose to stay. No offense but hopefully you're just trolling.
    Originally Posted by betrayedwife
    -He seemed to drink a lot, there were drugs
    -Got married quickly
    -I clean up after him
    -he is drunk most of the time. 50% of the time just pees on the floor
    -he whines and complains like a 3 year old
    -He had isolated me from every friend
    -made me dependent on him.
    -I know that he is communicating with old girlfriends

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    This sounds like pure torture. Why on earth would you stay with this man? All of it sounds horrid.

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    I'm sorry, but this is so awful that it's almost comical. You need to leave.

    Are you working? Do you have family that can take you in? Start planning your exit methodically. I would get advice from a divorce lawyer.


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