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Thread: Difficulty with moving on

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    Difficulty with moving on


    Iím going to be 100% honest with you because I want this problem of mine resolved. Itís taking over my life and preventing me from achieving my goals.

    Iím a 3rd Year University student who has constantly achieved high marks. I have been offered a place at my dream company when a graduate assuming I get the require grades. Iíve never really enjoyed Uni life. I donít live partying or going to clubs because I think its a waste of time. I live in isolation as this allows me to focus on my goals. I have been living in a shared house for 2 years now and I havenít really formed any relationships with anyone up until this point in time. Oh yea Iím still a virgin.

    Recently a girl that Iíve grew quite fond of has moved in. We were the only ones in the house at the time so naturally we began talking to each other on a day to day basis (this was a new experience for we as I never really had discussions with females to the extent that I was having). To spare you of all the cringe worthy discussions Iíll condense my experiences/feelings and say that I fell in love with her. She showed many indicators of interest in me so I decided to escalate the relationship by informally asking her out on a date. She accepted the date but the night before came back quite late at night from a social gathering. I decided that it was best to cancel the date as she was probably not going to get enough sleep. Instead, that same night, we had deep conversations about her personal life. At this pointed I decided to wait a week and ask her out on a date again but she declined. In short, after this night, her feelings towards me started to grow negative and it became quite clear that she no longer liked me. I however still love her and I canít stop thinking about her. I can no longer focus on tasks such as University work which should be my priority as she is always on my mind. Iím now running the risk of failing my final year of Uni and subsequently preventing me from landing my dream job.

    How can I move on and prevent myself from thinking about her 24/7 especially when she lives in very close proximity to me and I prefer to stay at home?


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    I don't think you'd look back ten years from now and be glad you let your career go over a girl you never dated.

    Your isolation is causing you to give her much greater importance than she normally would have in your life.

    I recommend you buckle down on your studies so you don't fail. And between studies, join a club or group that interests you or is in your field of study. You will probably meet more girls that way and this housemate of yours won't be so important.

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