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Thread: Cheating Husband with Younger Sister

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    Cheating Husband with Younger Sister

    I cant sleep until I browse the net and found this site. Im so sad and hurt. My mom who is sick and still bedrest after her operation last month, she is crying and confessed to me that my younger sister and my husband have an affair. She told it to me the way that she is really sure of. She said to me that one time in the morning, she go downstairs and had to go to toilet. She saw my husband and my sister kissing infront of our main door house.

    She pretend she didnt see and went inside the toilet room . She then felt that two of them saw her.

    My mom felt that there is something wrong between them sinced i confined in the hospital for giving birth last september 2018. My babies are twin. I have four children ; 3 years old girl, 2 years old boy and the last is twin boys. My problem now is how can i caught them? I want an evidence because i want my children to stay with me when the day comes of confrontation. Im hurt really hurt . My younger babies are only 3 months and a half. I feel im going crazy thinking that they slept together. My younger sister is taking college and my husband is paying for all the expenses. Im just thinking that my sister was forced only by my husband to have a relationship with her. My sister have a boyfriend and i thought we are keeping it to my husbandís knowledge because he is paying for her school. I dont want my sister to stop in schooling in College Especially when my husband was disappointed, im afraid he will punished her . All along, i thought that im a lucky person having a great sister helping me with household chores and looking for my children, all along i thought of having a great husband and im so lucky for having him because i dont have financialy problem with him. Usually, married people had money trouble and issues. My husband is very responsible in looking for the needs of our children and a good supporter. Next week he is planning to buy me a new car for me and my kids. But it is all material. I can throw it away just to have my kids with me when we separate. My mom is crying and im pretending that im strong and please dont worry with me but actually im dying inside. Im thinking now that it may be possible that they are seeing each other outside our house. They may be dating. What will i do? I cant disown my sister i love her i love my family... i want the best for all of us. I dont deserve this!

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    It's easy to catch cheaters now days. Discrete hidden surveillance cameras are cheap and spy apps like mspy work great (I've used this personally)

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    Are you of a culture that believes in marrying more than one woman?

    Yes, you can easily prove it by installing a "nanny cam" or voice activated listening devices. What country are you in? Would you have a chance at full custody when your husband seems to be in control of all finances and has such a hold on your financial well being?

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    Why is your mother telling you all this?


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