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Thread: Why is my boyfriend so selfish after 4 years?

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    Thank you guys for all the help. Heís reached out to me multiple times asking where I am or what Iím doing or what my plan is. But when I contact him Iím just hit with name calling or silence. Itís been 10 days since Iíve seen him and heís been out drinking almost every night. He admitted to a close friend of ours that he has an alcohol issue and is seeking therapy. His parents confirmed that his first session is this week. Hopefully he will get the help he needs. As for me, Iím in a world of pain. Havenít eaten in days, canít sleep, and got a stomach ulcer from my stress. He tells some people were just having issues and tells another friend of ours that he needs to end this but heís doing a bad job. I want to give him the time he needs but I know deep down the more I let him go the father away he gets. He is immature and canít face up to his issues. His family and I are planning an intervention if he doesnít shape up and start his therapy soon. Thank you for the support and Iíll keep you all posted on what happens.

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    It would be best to cease all contact with him and all his people. Stop talking to his friends, family etc about him and all the hearsay, speculation, etc.

    He moved out, you are broken up and he has given you this amazing opportunity to find a decent man rather than this alcoholic immature irresponsible jerk. This is a blessing. It's like having a cancer removed.

    As for your underlying stress, this is also the time to take care of yourself and seek out some therapeutic support as well as support form caring friends and family. Stop communicating with him or any of his people and take care of yourself and your people.

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