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Thread: Resigning due to mental health issue

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    Resigning due to mental health issue

    My farther had a major mental breakdown last October and due to this he has been on sick leave since after seeing his doctor for the past few months and then seeing his community psychiatric nurse the company he works for asked him if there own independent physician could have access to his medical records which he allowed then had a phone consultation with the companys doctor and was deemed unable to return to work at the moment due to severe stress and depression. Now about 5 days ago we went to a meeting at his work with his work with the manager about the possibility of returning to work the manager gave him 3 days to make a decision. The thing is my dad's worked for the company for 18 years after losing over 10 family members in less than 7 years he finally couldn't deal with the stress especially as it was the manager constantly bullying in. The thing is my dad can go back to work on a phase return but having the possibility of having another mental breakdown or from what his community psychiatric nurse has told him to give up his job at the company and get as much help as possible getting himself sorted mentally and help with looking for a new job. He just doesn't know what to do?

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    He could consult with a social worker through his insurance. A social worker could get him in touch with the right people who can advocate on his behalf.

    I have had a social worker intervene on my behalf when a hospital doctor tried to get me transferred to a county hospital when I was too ill to be moved, all because he didn't want to treat a "charity case" (his term for me because I was uninsured at the time). She literally blocked the hospital room door with her own body. I thought she was terrific.

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    Just seen you are UK ...so have a look at this link for MIND and having an advocate before he rushes into any decisions .

    [Register to see the link]

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