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Thread: Did I move quick or is she uninterested?

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    Did I move quick or is she uninterested?

    So I approached this girl I like (shes shy) she was alone so I took my chance and she was nervous to talk to me at first and her body language was weird. We got along great and we talked and walked around the campus in lunch and had an amazing conversation of many topics oh I even made her laugh A LOT too and we made great eye contact and always looked me when we were walking. I then took her to class when the bell rang and asked her to add me on snapchat at first she hesitated then she said she would add me the next day but I kind of insisted her to take it (ik big mistake) so she agreed. I wrote my snapchat down on a piece of paper but she didnít even take it and said that she would add me over the weekend which she did not. What should I do? My friend said I was a fool because I moved quickly and I pushed her to add me when she didnít want to. What should I do? Should I talk to her as if nothing happened and yes I will take things slow next time I learned my lesson.

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    I would just act like everything is good. I wouldn't bring up the Snapchat again, though.

    Good luck.

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    Next time simply ask someone out rather than insist she add you to social media. You could have given her your phone number as well as simply asked her out. It's not about "moving too fast" it's about making the wrong moves by insisting on social media connections rather than simply asking her on a date. This is sort of a friendzone or 'too shy' or lacking confidence kind of move. Ask her out.
    Originally Posted by NothingToSee
    I then took her to class when the bell rang and asked her to add me on snapchat.

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    It sounds like you were too overbearing and she was right to not add you, as she sensed the danger of further connecting with you. She doesn't want a clingy person, demanding of her attention, in her life. Mellow out in the future. Let things happen more gradually, and see if the girl reciprocates in wanting to spend time with you instead of you always doing the chasing and not giving her a chance to let you know of her reciprocity.

    It's also best, at the beginning, to keep the chats brief instead of monopolizing all of a girl's free time in between classes.

    As for this girl, I wouldn't approach her again. Let her make the effort, if she chooses. I don't believe in asking a girl out for a date until you've received feedback/signals from her/ that she'd likely say yes if asked. Take care.


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    yes .. you did push her specficially on the snapchat a bit too much when she didn't agree to it right away. that's one of the biggest no-no's with women. DON'T persist when they say "no".
    definitely dial it back. don't push anything again.
    be friendly....

    it woudlnt' be a bad idea to apologize and own/acknowledge your mistake. "hey listen... i'm sorry about the snapchat thing." and then follow that up with something sincere.. "i just really enjoyed our convo and walk.. and wanted to enjoy more of the same with you... but.. i was a bit too pushy..." then just talk to her and let her sorta dictate the pace and once she intiates something.. that's the green light again that you can initiate again.. JUST DON'T OVERDO IT like last time and persist when they say "no".

    Good luck.

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