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Thread: What's the next step above spanking?

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    Platinum Member ThatwasThen's Avatar
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    Not wanting to spoil the mood but you don't know her very well and the last thing in this day and age is for you to tie her up without getting it in writing. Don't be doing any rape fantasy stuff with her either until you know the relationship is solid and she won't turn a sex romp into charges against you.

    In the meantime, maybe ask if she would like to watch some dom/sum porn together and if she's up for that, discuss what's taking place and perhaps you'll see what turns her on. If she doesn't want to then have the discussion about what she means by "doing better than that."

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    Since this hasn't been said here yet I will throw it out there... do you have a local fetish scene in your city? We do in ours and while it is underground (for obvious reasons) I managed to find it through some trusted sources of information. There are clubs and parties you can go to and learn about this sort of thing... maybe it's something you can suggest for you and her to do together and then see what catches her eye?

    You do have to be discerning about these parties though... look for ones with very clear rules about consent, attire, safety, privacy, etc.

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    Originally Posted by csdude55
    Hahaha :-P Yes, we have met in person, but haven't actually had sex yet. And no, it's not a paid service... a surprise itself in this day, when the majority of girls I've matched with online are prostitutes in disguise or "sugar babies" (which is basically a prostitute in disguise) :'-(

    Same here! lol I have no idea what she'd want, either... it's tricky in that position, I'm expected to guess correctly, with no real direction, without spoiling the mood.

    We've had a few sexual conversations, but she gets shy and embarrassed easily so I have to catch her at just the right time. She definitely has a bad-girl side that she's dying to explore! Which is awesome :-D But it's tough to get her to talk about things when she's not horny, and when she is then she doesn't want to answer questions, she wants me to take charge and make her submit. She had just recently told me her fantasy of being tied up and spanked, but got super embarrassed about it immediately!

    Thanks for the advice, @pippy longstocking and the rest! Any other suggestions, feel free to bring them on... I'll check back :-)
    Oh hon this was so me when I left my first marriage . Shy but inside I was a bad bad naughty girl who wanted punished . Not too hard but still punished . Fortunately I met someone who fulfilled that for me. He would tell me to call him daddy and he would spank me . Then he would pin down my wrists and bite my thighs . Oh yeah . I didnít know what I wanted at all so the first time he bit my thigh was a startle and a turn on . Heíd pleasure me and then intermittently bite my thighs . Or talk dirty to her in detail , telling your how sheís going to have to take her punishment like a good girl , youíre going to punish her with your long hard rod lmao. It sounds like she wants you to dominate . Make sure you have a code word for when or if something is too much . Talk about it after too and cuddle . Always cuddle after . There such a thing I canít remember what itís called but like a post sub syndrome after a person has been dominated that can feel kind of depressing and scary . And itís kind of surprising if you never experienced it or expected it before . So make sure to cuddle and talk after and make sure sheís ok . She wonít know she needs that if shes new to this . I know I didnít but make sure you remember

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