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Thread: Looking to move back home

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    I'm looking into jobs and all. I have applied to some but they have been taken. I'm thinking I could do some odd jobs here and there.

    I can't move before April since I have a lease to finish. As for the complex I'm staying at it is getting to be more of a party atmosphere and other tenents have said something to the office but nothing was done.

    I have told friends back home that I'm looking for one closer to home. I am willing for the job to be around 2.5 hours away from home.

    I haven't been just waiting around. I'm thinking of going to an employment agency to see how they could help me.

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    So many people in my company relocated for a promotion or opportunity because they were tired of their home towns. And so many of them ended up going back home in six months because they were homesick!

    I find it interesting. They are bored with their home towns, say there's nothing to do, they want to see the country, etc. and then end up waxing poetic about how wonderful things are at home.

    I think it would be an interesting sociological study...why people don't like their home towns until they are away from them, then they suddenly become paradise.

    I moved back to my home town, then ran screaming back to where I'd originally moved away to. I had been so busy feeling lonely and waxing nostalgic that I forgot how much I really disliked it there!

    As long as you are not looking for a geographical solution to any personal issues, if you truly love your home town then I don't see any problem. It sounds like you'll have family support.

    I would suggest working with a recruiter who has access to and can zero in on jobs in your field. It could cut down on your job search time considerably.

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