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My passion is helping others and making a difference. My education level is bachelors level. My innate talents are being patient.
So get very specific about how you help others or want to - and how you want to make a difference. The other day my husband untangled impossible knots in my jacket strings that had wrapped themselves around our bedsheets, and 10 years ago he helped me by recognizing I was having a stroke and every day in his job he has to help people with a variety of situations (me too). If you asked him what his passion is he'd be a lot more specific than "helping others". And he's not looking for a job, neither am I but i was as of 3 years ago.

Patience is great and depends what you are best at being patient at - handling the stress of a work deadline when your secretary is working verrrryyy slowly? A child having a meltdown? An older person acting out from dementia? A person ahead of you in line at the market while you're about to miss your bus and they want to chat up the cashier?

Making a difference -what kind of difference? Do you want to help someone decorate their home and make it different? Do you want to change laws that exist? Do you want to potty train a 2 year old who is struggling with it? Find a way to help parents making difficult decisions about their children with special needs? Figure out how to improve a company's bottom line?