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Thread: Dating someone that's been to prison

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    I'm very glad you chose not to get involved with him.

    I've never quite agreed with 'the past is the past' nor 'only go by what you see in the present'. For me, the whole of a person is important when considering if/how I'd like to be involved with someone. I don't think it's quite as linear nor simple as some people seem to advocate.

    Also, the reprucussions after a crime don't necessarily stop after someone has been in jail. That's true. Not only for the offenders, but for the victims too. It's complicated. Of course our systems of justice aren't perfect. Nor are systems of support.
    I don't agree with the emphasis on sadness for the offender that he/she may not achieve full integration back into society. My concern leans much more towards prevention of these crimes, and rehabilitation for families and society when they are impacted by them. I think it's pretty crappy actually that that aspect only gets a footnote, while tremendous resources go into supporting offenders. There are privacy laws to protect offenders. People who have been personally impacted walk around with the knowledge the person who took the life of someone they love walk around all around you knowing that person walks freely and is living a life. There's a family living with that every day because of this man.

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    Originally Posted by Stillsingle3
    I found out that it was a shooting, he wasn't the one that pulled the trigger but was there so played a part. He didn't do 10 years he did 20.
    I got his full name and the victims name but there's nothing on Google.
    I wished him well in his search and ran.
    Good heavens. I still think you're not getting the full story from this guy, and as others have pointed out, privacy laws in your area might prevent you from finding much on the internet anyway. Depending on how you got his full name, you might not also have his real name either.

    I am glad you decided to stay away. This has bad news written all over it.

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