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Thread: Recent Graduate

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    Recent Graduate

    Hi everyone,

    I'm 27 and I moved away from home to a city 1.5 hours away for postgraduate study.
    I graduated in early November 2018.

    Because of the nature of work in my field (Engineering), companies tend not to employ new people or look at applications towards the end of the year.
    My friends from college have all moved back home or away for jobs, while I'm staying in the same apartment by myself.
    I did some traveling and went back home couple times to avoid the loneliness.

    I've just sent out applications to companies but I know it'll take awhile until I'll hear something back.
    I understand that it might take couple or few months, or even longer until I can find a decent job.
    Should I look for a part time job?

    And do you guys have tips on staying motivated?

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    Companies that hire new grads, go through your uni career services and actually set up on campus interviews at the end of each graduating semester. You need to focus on that and working with the career office. Sometimes they'll hold mock interviews, resume reviews, etc so be sure you participate and stay on top of all that. Best job opportunities will actually come through that.

    Other than that, check out internships in your field and try your best to network. Also, talk to your professors if you had any you were more close to as they often have industry connections and can refer you to a job or see if you can do some kind of a research assistant position. Usually that goes to active students, but professors can override the system if they want a particular person on their team.

    In short, instead of pining for your friends, right now you should be in full out frenzy trying to find a job in your field. If you are in a situation that you need to cover your bills, then of course get some part time job, but otherwise your full focus needs to be on getting a job in your field and not telling yourself that they just aren't hiring.

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    Oct 2018
    if the extra money will help - absolutely get a p/t job. also, working a p/t job offers you the ability to network while at that job - you just never know who you might bump into right?
    After all, you can't apply for jobs 24/7 (and if you're smart and efficient - you don't need to be... just set up alerts at the appropriate places so you get alerted for jobs to apply to.. instead of having to always search for them).

    Another idea might be to see if there are any contracting agencies that specialize in your field so you can get contract work in your field while you look for a longer-term job. in many cases contract work CAN lead to conversion to f/t work and is a great way to get your name out in front of organizations in the field. Plus it's decent pay. Plus it's the perfect way for you to recruit and create your short-list of target companies to focus on for f/t if you really like your experience there. Hopefully there are some of these agencies in your field of work (tons of them in IT).

    This is also a terrific time to get in some things you may not get a chance to do in a while once you find a job - like TRAVEL.. pick up a hobby.. take a class for fun (photography? car maintenance? dance? cook?) etc.

    It is the quiet time of year and I only started noticing peopel starting to contact me again for jobs just in the last couple days. So hang in there.. there's going to be a LOT of activity starting in the next few weeks as people, armed with new budgets, start looking for the new candidates they've been waiting to have budget to open up for..... So enjoy your time off to re-energize, re-envigorate yourself.. this is what will make you shine at any interviews!

    Good luck!

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    New Jersey
    Should I look for a part time job?

    And do you guys have tips on staying motivated?
    I'd skip part time, and apply at temp agencies, at least 3 per week, starting with the closest radius to your home and work outward. You can't just send them your resume, you need to make appointments to bring that in and test on apps. So don't schedule more than one per morning or afternoon. Treat yourself to a great coffee or sandwich afterward.

    The goal is to get inside different companies to learn which cultures and inside job ops are a good fit. Then you can apply from within for jobs that don't get published to the public. You'll gain corporate culture experience and their brand names for your resume, and you'll earn enough to keep you applying for more suitable jobs. You'll form relationships inside companies that will help you to network.


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