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Thread: Girls asking out guys and anxieties...

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    Platinum Member lostandhurt's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    No thinking cap needed.

    What do guys suggest when they ask you out?

    Meet for a drink after work somewhere in the middle. Meet for coffee. Keep it simple and don't suggest anything that may lock you into a long meet just in case your sober self sees this guy as a big D-bag and want to cut it short.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.

    Don't chicken out!!!


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    Mar 2006
    If you suggested to a get together to a friend what would be your next step? Since you just met him yes, arrange something, time and place. I would do a walk in the park weather permitting and stop for coffee, etc. Or go to a museum - I wouldn't do the sit across the table thing.

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    Gold Member thisisrichey's Avatar
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    Oct 2018
    Well.. think of what you learned about him when yo interacted. therein lies tons of clues on a good idea for you two.
    If not, just find somethign fun coming up in your area and invite him to join you for it and have fun together. HOPEFULLY something where you can't get over-drunk again AND can talk more and get to know eac hother. i've always loved mini golf as an early date fun activity.

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    Dec 2012
    So, I realised I never updated this. 5 months, lots of dates, and titles later... we're happy and still laugh over the method of meeting.

    Girls, if you're questioning whether to make a move but you're getting a good vibe, just go for it. You never know what you might find at the end of it


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