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Thread: Cheated on and pregnant

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    I have been where you are. I wasnt pregnant but i was out with my partner of ten years and posted a pic of us at a nice restaurant on social media and 5 minutes later got messages thick and strong from an ex of my partners telling me all about how they had hooked up while i was away a few weeks earlier. She was jealous of the pic i posted and wanted to break us up. He denied everything (stupid men) but it had happened (not planned by him) she sent screen shots showing him inviting her over. I demanded he show me his phone and she had been messaging him non stop since and he was rejecting her, even that morning wanting to go out for lunch (as we were doing) i was furious.
    Luckily it was a one off and she had contacted him out if the blue when he was drunk and lonely (i was in a long trip with my girlfriends) and the full message conversation showed she said she was bringing a friend over for drinks as they were in the area (but had turned up alone) so i could kind of understand how it happened.
    The only way i could continue with the relationship was to install a tracker on his phone. At first i put it on secretly but later told him (he lost his phone so i told him where it was) but he agreed to keep it on there so i could trust him. the tracker was free and allowed me to read all his texts listen to calls and take pics and listen to conversations around the phone at any time. By doing this i saw all the crazy text from his ex in real time so she couldn't twist them later and send me misleading snippets. I could also be sure when he said he was late at the office he was.
    I truely think its the only way you can 100% trust a man thats cheated in the short term and the act of him letting you install it is repentance so if hes sorry he will do it. The whole relationship is easier if you have that certainty back.
    Its been two years now and ive taken the tracker off as a step towards trust but i still have alot of his passwords!

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    If I had to go to those lengths in order to stay with someone I've not even built a life and family with, well... kill me now.

  3. 01-11-2019, 06:20 AM

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