Recently my friends accused me of saying all these mean things like that I was better than them and prettier than them or whatever while I was DRUNK. They had previously stopped talking to me and hanging out with me completely. Then months later, they invited me to a party which I drank a lot at. I donít remember saying any of the things they accused me of and the only thing I do remember saying is that I thought they maybe hated me because their guy friends/boyfriends sometimes gave me a lot of attention, and I didnít ever want them to feel bad about themselves. I had also told this to another friend when I was sober saying that maybe they didnít like me because of the attention I was getting. So now they post about me saying that I think they are ugly, and that Iím psycho for telling my friends that I thought they were lying about the other things that they think that I said. I had talked to a lot of people about it, because it made me feel so bad. I have a bad habit of going to people when Iím worried or feel bad. They got into a big argument with me and started telling me I was ed up, crazy, a ETC. Now they message me telling me Iím an awful person and that I talk so much crap about them to my friends, and I did admit saying things to my friends. I admitted talking about them to people. I also even apologized repeatedly for if I caused them to feel bad about themselves cause thatís the last thing I meant to do. They told me that I was just trying to play the victim and that I am crazy. Anything I say they twist it completely even if I say that I donít mean it rudely. Now I consistently have panic attacks because I feel like Iím a bad person, and consistently cry. They post things a few times a week on Twitter and Snapchat talking about how crazy I am. All my other friends say that they are jealous trashy people and that Iím just too nice, but I still feel in the wrong. Do you think I did anything wrong?