I have an anxiety disorder, along with a thyroid disorder. Not sure what came first and which one influences the other. But I've been through therapy, I have benefited with the help of medications and after several years of dedication, it is for the most part manageable, without any help.

Your issues at work sound like a bad case of low self esteem. The interactions you have add to that and trigger the `what's wrong with me' anxiety and then the cycle goes around and become a circle that repeats itself. You feel more insecure, the anxiety grows and around you go.

Quitting your job is not the answer. Facing the fear is. You overcoming your fears is what builds self esteem. Running from them reinforces them and makes things worse.

Anxiety is often about things we avoid and aren't willing to face. You develop a strong fight or flight reaction to things. It's unlearning this unhealthy dynamic that sets you free, but I suggest you do so with a professional, along with a doctor who can evaluate you and possibly put you on some mediation to ease the symptoms that might allow you to work through some of this more effectively.

I am sorry. I know first hand how painful it is. But there is help to get to the other side. You have to do the work though.
Sending you a hug. . and a gentle push to reach out for help.