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Thread: Contract not renewed - heard it from HR not boss

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    Jan 2019
    Originally Posted by boltnrun
    And it is not a "referral".
    Thanks for clarifying that I was wondering where the term came from.

    I tried to like your post but I got a message that I gotta spread more reputation around first.

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    I donít think the reference would be a problem. He maybe feels bad that it has happened because of how long you have worked together. Even if you were expecting it itís still not nice and maybe he couldnít face being the one to tell you. Iím not saying itís right but maybe you should be the one to open a line of communication, tell him itís a shame but you have enjoyed working with him.

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    I agree with the above about contacting him for a reference letter.

    I wouldn't harm my own stomach lining by imposing 'shoulds' on anybody. Sure, boss showed that he's a wimp, but that's how a lot of people handle partings: if they can avoid them, they do. Whether that's 'right' or not doesn't change reality, so it doesn't serve us to inflict any pain on ourselves over the limits of others.

    Serving a site for 7 years speaks volumes about your work quality, and that's terrific. It could, however, imply that you settled into the comfort of a limited skill set, so any courses or volunteer work you can do to bring your skills and your leadership capabilities up to a more senior level would benefit your job search and future rate of pay.

    Head high, and trust that any employer would be lucky to have you on board.

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