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Thread: I'm very confused, don't know what to think

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    I'm very confused, don't know what to think

    So I've met this girl in a party a couple weeks ago, we've been talking (dirty as well) since then and even tried to have sex (sadly I was very nervous and couldn't deliver, isolated case tho), she is very naughty and I wouldn't trust her in a relationship. The thing is, I like her, and would like to spend more time with her, but I'm starting to think she might've lost interest because of various things:
    -She don't start conversations anymore, and everytime I look, she is online.
    -We made plans for the weekend, but she cancelled in the last minute. She says she is sick, but I don't know.
    -The way she talks to me.
    - Tho she said we would keep trying, I've gone limp on our first time.

    Given this facts one assumes that is obvious she ain't on me anymore, but I also have motives to think the opposite:
    - I know she is a few days from her period (maybe right now).
    - She says she misses me, only when I say it first tho.
    - Besides cancelling our plans, we have made new ones. But she does not look too interested.

    I think we're on the same page about "only" wanting sex.( Tho I once told her I was starting to like her, and she said I was different from others) But u know... I like talking to her and simple things like her company, voice, kiss and smell. I feel like I'm bothering her when I try to start a conversation (online), so when she "kills it"( more like watching die and doing nothing) I don't push it. And if depends on her, I doubt we'd talk at all.

    I just don't know what to think, am I her "plan B"? Is it just In my head? Is it just her period?
    What do you guys think? Should I keep trying? Should I let it go?


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    Going limp ain't no joke dude, been there done that. Women have no idea how hard it is to stay focused , during sexual activity.

    I say ask her out again , if she ditches then there's your answer forget her.

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    Jan 2019
    I think the lack of performance ruined it, sorry.

    She's either thinking you've got erectile dysfunction or you aren't attracted to her.

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    You might wanna talk to your doc. Man I had to cus of stress and life and kids Ware me down so I got me generic Viagra from doc. And trust me game changer for your confidence and its less of a mental beating .


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    A one night stands that don't pan out sexually are not going to go anywhere if she lost interest. Next time don't drink and get to know someone a bit if it's nerves/situational.

    Decide if you want to date her or not. If you want to date her ask her out and stop the stupid sex chats. Also don't try to jump her asap if you can't handle it.
    Originally Posted by Paulista
    tried to have sex (sadly I was very nervous and couldn't deliver - Tho she said we would keep trying, I've gone limp on our first time.

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    i'd get back to having fun with her and rebuild before you try again.
    take a little time in between to let her miss you a bit.

    then see what happens. it may or may not work but that's you best chance.

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