What of the mother of your child gets into a rebound relationhip.
Hi, Ive been coming on here since breakup amd its really helped me, anyway. I been with my childs mother since she was 19. We had a baby together who is now 5 years old. Shes currently 25 and Im 30. Weve been together for 7 years. I found her a job where she is currently working but later I decided to quit my job and go back to school full time to pursue my passion, we were both happy that I was accepted. I had some money saved up but she and helped me out financially where she could. Even tho her parents didnt like me Our relationship was good for the most part but we started fighting alot after she moved in to my place with our son. I noticed she was loosing attraction for me because she maybe because I had some frustrations about money and ill admit I showed weakness by being insecure, starting fights and acting little bit needy. As time went by I noticed she put a password on her phone which is something she never did. She guarded her phone alot and I started to auspect that she was flirting with other guys. One day we had a big argument as I felt she wasnt pulling her weight at home when it came to chores. She wouldnt clean up after herself or help much and I got upset and asked her to move out. She was devastated and heartbroken. She moved back to her parents place and with my son and started partying alot and flirting with guys.

A week later I ran back and asked her to give us another chance, she was hesitant but agreed. I wanted her and my son to move back but she refused and I broke up with her again. I wanted us to be a family again. I think the breakup affected her alot because her family said that she became very rude towards them. She would post angry things on social media directed at me. Spoke about she can get a better man than me which made me realise this was a case of gigs. Great thing that helped me cope with the breakup is that I get lost in my passion as an artist when Im feeling down. Im a pretty popular guy in my community amd I have alot going for myself. I registed my entertainment company, we do events, clothing and online cartoons and Ive been keeping myself busy with my personal projects. I went back to gym too as part of my personal development. A month went by and she was still very upset, I know because I was still viewing her status updates which were sad and angry posts mostly directed at me. I decided to give it another shot and went to her place. I noticed a car parked outsid her yard but ignored it. I saw her and asked her if we can be a family again and she said were never getting back together. She wanted to remain friends which I declined. I asked her if she was seeing someone else and she denied it.

I accepted and went into NC. Her family likes me alot ( only her mother and father dislike me ) and I later found out she was seeing someone although she denied it. Only a month after we broke up she had a boyfriend and was staying over at his place. Brought him around my son and it seems like her parents like him too. Her cousins all tell me this but it seems like shes hiding this guy from me. I was hurt but decidd to accept it. The other day I pickd up my son thinking that she was at work and I found them sitting outside in his car. She was shocked because It was the first time I saw him. She hid her rebound guy from me which I dont understand why. Hes My total opposite. Different culture, Hes taller, has a nice car and looks like he has a good career while Im still at school. I greetd the guy and left with my son. I was broken but I never asked her about him. Theyyve been together for atleast 3 months now and Im still in no contact. Im friendly with her but I dont entertain any other converstations with her, strictly about our son. Whenever we meet I keep it upbeat and friendly. Never begged. I just wonder how long has she known this guy and if it will last with him. At this point I dont know If ill take her back because she lied about him. Im feeling much better now but I still think of her. Has anyone been in a simillar situation.. please advise