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Thread: I feel like Iím losing her

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    I feel like Iím losing her

    Iíve known my best friend for about 18 years now. Sheís been in a relationship for 4 years but Iíve only noticed a change for about 2 years now. We both live in different cities so donít meet up often, but when we have it hasnít been one on one. I even went on holiday with her for a week and her partner came out for the last 3 days so I had to 3rd wheel. The last year it has been me going to see her and even when we see each other, heís always there. Iíve repeatedly told her that she should come to see me next and it should be a one on one thing and she always says she will, but she hasnít got the money at the moment but plans holidays etc.

    Now I have a boyfriend, she wants to do things as a couple all together and sheís absolutely obsessed with her partner. Theyíve had issues this year and she doesnít trust him, says sheís sometimes scared to leave him alone in case he cheats on her.

    What do I do?

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    Platinum Member Wiseman2's Avatar
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    Get together with her and her bf and your bf when you feel like it. You've grown apart so make sure you have a diverse circle of friends. Focus on your new bf and local friends as well as see talk to her once in a while.

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    Platinum Member Andrina's Avatar
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    I agree with Wiseman. The reason I don't label anyone my "best friend" is that I know life is ever evolving, including friendships. If you're getting more frustrated than satisfied about the friendship, it's time to let it fade a bit. She was rude to invite her bf for part of your vacation, as I assume she didn't ask you if it was okay. I know how it is to have a friend who makes bad decisions when it comes to being with the wrong men. It's best to leave them with their dysfunction and begin seeking out other friends without drama.

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