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Thread: Online Dating: How many chances to give someone?

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    I miss Katrina1980.

    Shes said her piece, you agreed or not.

    She didn't go running to the monitors and whining if she had a disagreement.

    Katrina1980 was a good poster.

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    Originally Posted by Eliza50
    As some of you know, I've recently started using a dating site. My first experience didn't go very well (there's a thread about that) but with the second guy who contacted me things seemed to be going well. We talked 2-3 times online and then on the phone and then he asked me to meet. The meeting was yesterday but I wasn't thrilled.

    First of all, he didn't look like his pictures at all. I had seen pictures of a tall, thin guy with lots of hair and I met a short, fat, bald guy. He wasn't ugly but he wasn't the person in the pictures either (or maybe they were old pictures and he's changed a lot since then, I couldn't tell).

    The conversation was ok but after half an hour I couldn't wait to get out of there. He wasn't rude or anything but no sense of humour, still angry with his ex (long story that he told me in detail) and even when we talked about films and music our tastes were very different.

    On the plus side, he's close to my age, also single with no kids, he lives close to me, he was polite (insisted on paying for my coffee and asked if he could drive me home - I declined), he has a good job (so do I) and said he wants to see me again.

    He's supposed to call me today and my best friend thinks I should give him one more chance and that, perhaps, the second meeting will be better but I don't feel like seeing him again.

    So, those of you who have tried online dating, what do you think? When someone is not your type, do you meet them once more to make sure or tell them thanks but no, thanks?
    Deleted -didn't realize how old the thread was.

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