Perhaps it will sink in that unfortunately this event is a game changer. For you, for your parents and certainly for the guy you hit. The cost to this guy and your parents financially and emotionally (and physically for the guy) is enormous compared to 90 days in juvenile detention. You won't have a licence when you get out, not to mention all the other problems with school, etc so you may want to skip the lecture circuit fantasy for now.

It may be suspended or revoked and you may need to take driving courses again and to ever be insured again. Also your parents will have to repair their car and certainly their insurance will go through the roof after all this. Hopefully your parents take your assault weapon of choice (your phone and car privileges) away. You may get suspended from school or have to do a grade over. It's good you are sorry, but life will be different now.
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My court date is next Friday. I keep thinking about how I'll be taken into custody at the end of it. I'm doing my best not to freak out, but I admit I'm really nervous about being in juvie and what it'll be like.