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Thread: I slept with my ex boyfriends best friend

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    I slept with my ex's best friend. Apparently when I'd been over visiting my then-boyfriend (they were roommates), the best friend had been imagining what it would be like to have sex with me. He thought I was "hot".

    I did it because I was heartbroken and thought maybe my ex would rethink the breakup and not want me hooking up with his best friend/roommate. And the best friend did deliberate things like have sex with me ON THE LIVING ROOM COUCH when my ex was out and was possibly coming home at any minute. He also invited me to spend the entire night so that I would be there in the morning when everyone woke up and went downstairs for breakfast.

    I have no idea why my ex's best friend wanted to do that to my ex. Jealousy, competition, who knows. But it was a big, big mistake for me to do that. It was childish and immature. And all I got out of it was a reputation for being a garden implement for sleeping with two guys who lived in the same house.

    I would examine your motivations as well as the "best friend's". Why on earth does he want to hook up with his alleged best friend's ex and then tell him about it? Some jealousy or competitiveness going on there. And all you'll get out of it is this friend group gossiping about you behind your back. No matter how friendly you think you all are.

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    Originally Posted by HeartGoesOn
    I could be wrong, but after reading between the lines my guess is, this is a ploy to win back your ex by making him jealous, etc, otherwise what's the point in telling him.

    In any event, this has the potential to backfire and place you in the category of being a person who sleeps around...No offense.
    I agree 100%

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    Originally Posted by Jenny00
    I asked for opinion on the situation with the friend I slept with and if the ex should find out, nowhere in this do I ask about opinions about my friendship with that group. Some of them already know, and the ones that do frankly honestly donít care. Theyíre nice boys and often take care of me, the only reason the contact had to be minimised after the breakup was simply to not make things awkward when we hang out and my ex may be there, not out of taking sides and stuff.
    Right, and I answered that. I am adding to that with an opinion; when you post on a public forum, you have to accept that people will respond to different aspects of your post, regardless of whether you asked a specific question on the matter.

    My point was that these guys might not care much now, but if your ex finds out - which he probably will - and gets upset about it and starts calling out his "best friend," you are the one likely to be the one painted in a negative light. The very fact that "most of them" even know you two are sleeping together tells me your group is young, tends to overshare and talk about each other. A lot. Who is sharing this information with them? My guess is that it's not you. You have no clue what is being said about you when you're not within earshot, girl, no matter how tolerant or nonchalant you believe everyone is about this. Unfortunately, people can be very two-faced and very judgmental. If you are going to keep having sex with an ex's best friend, assume that it's not going to be without risk for drama. Whether your ex hears it from you or someone else isn't going to make much difference.

    I think you are being either willfully naive about this because you don't have a lot of experience with these situations and thus can't see around corners (which is my guess, based on the way you write about this) or you are trying to make your ex jealous.

    Do you still want him back?

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    Ahhh...the classic sleep with my exís best friend to get back at him. Itís a story as old as time itself. This usually ends well


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    Agree. With a world of guys to date/have sex with...it just happens to be the ex's best friend.🙀
    Originally Posted by spunkmire
    Ahhh...the classic sleep with my exís best friend to get back at him. Itís a story as old as time itself. This usually ends well

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