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Thread: Not a clue of what to do? Get my wife/soulmate back

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    You ever watch the movie, Thereís Something About Mary and everybody is trying to screw over the guy so that he canít be with Mary?
    Well thatís whatís happening with Stacy & I.
    Except Iím not out to deceive her.

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    Itís not word salad. Someone who is not me created a mess that stands to destroy my life and probably cause me to kill mysef at some point. Simple

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    Stacy is not an Ex or an almost. We are a couple currently, going through some things. Some of it because of other people trying to get us to hate the other and be petty to the other. Which I can see.
    But she is not imaginary. If this were imaginary, I wouldnít be on this website posting because it wouldnít exist to affect me.

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    a female was moved into my house because I don't have my own place yet unfortunately. I've battled being depressed so it's been rough for me. Anyway, I was led to believe she was my cousin.

    okay --- first of all -- did a cow or chicken move in? I dated a guy who would call women "females" and he didn't respect women. So unless you are referring to livestock, how about saying woman, unless she is under 18 and then "girl". or how about lady?

    second --- How did a woman who was your cousin move in, and then it turns out she isn't your cousin? seriously, this woman just showed up and introduced herself as a cousin and your relatives went along with it?? THat doesn't sound like something that happens in real life. Or are you someone that just goes along with what anyone else does or says? If i were Stacy, i would be really suspicious, too. you are either lying or you let people take extreme advantage of you


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    Well Stacy isnít a stalker. Sheís fine.
    The person, that was around me that I was led to believe is my cousin is the problem here. You see Iím already my own problem in my love life with Stacy, I donít need another person doing crazy stuff to multiply things, that I end up taking the fall for thatís makes Stacy think Iím a terrible choice of a man.

    Of course the situation is bizarre, thatís why Iím in so much trouble. Because, who the heck would do something like that. These other posters may not really understand what Iím saying because you basically have to be me.

    This is the behavior I got:
    hey Iím your cousin. Hey Iíll be staying here weekends. Iím not doing anything suspicious.

    Now with portraying the above to me.. what she portrayed to other people is:
    Hey I got I new man. I just moved in with him for the weekends. So weíre getting close

    What Iím thinking is:
    Oh, thatís my cousin. That has nothing to do with me, I donít own the home. Let me go about my day normally. Sheís not even appealing to me anyway? Besides I love Stacy, just worry about getting things back on course with her.

    Her thinking is:
    Infiltration successful, he doesnít suspect a thing. All I have to do is play it cool for a while. Try to get a photo with him, try to get out in public with him. He wonít think a thing because he thinks Iím his cousin. Next I just have to be around the house try to look my best so he notices me, and heíll fall for me in no time. If not, Iíll make Stacy think he moved on and break them up permannently. Heíll be so distraught and fall for the nearest woman, which is me.

    Stacy sees this situation:
    Oh he has a new woman now? Heís trash. I canít believe I loved him. Tears. Ok two can play that game.

    No Clue that this is going on

    The gist of things.

    As for people trying to create drama, yet again you have to be me. Iím in a very, Iím a target situation situation. People have it out for me and love to give me hard time to be

    Iíve been arrested for going to a precinct on an 1% chance that a civilian found my phone and brought it in to the precinct. The officer even almost pushed me down a flight of steps with my back turned to the steps and try to say I tried to throw him down the steps. When I actually almost cracked my head and had to reach to save myself.

    Iíve been arrested for disorderly conduct, for breaking up two fights that couldíve escalated into a big brawl. And if I wasnít there it wouldíve because the police wouldnít have been there in time enough to stop it. I came between the fights. And who knows what couldíve happened from there.

    Iíve had a female lie to everybody and say I punched another female in her face. The interesting thing is that of me and that female, the only person who ever got hit was me by her. In the incident in question because I didnít want to hit a female and an incident prior in front of her own parent. Apparently weíre back on good terms now though.

    Iíve recently had a doctor, whom I mistook for a counselor. I was explaining something I went through in the past with me being falsely accused of something. He then had me hospitalized under the premise I confessed to him that I did what I was falsey accused of. I wasnít intoxicated, so I recall what I said. It was that Iíve been through false accusations in the long ago past. I didnít find out he used the opposite of what I told him as a basis for my hospitalization until weeks after I got out.

    The second doctor then wouldnít let me out.
    Then he lied to a Supreme Court Judge about me to keep me further hospitalized. Then had his lawyer lie to the judge on me.

    These last 2 sections were just 4 months ago.

    People who shouldnít know my business, know my business as if itís some app geared to my every move online and offline. And Iíve had to act like Iím unaware of it for years.
    Thatís why people get into the habit of trying to say rude things to me. Because if Iím being watched, people control the perception of me.
    Either by getting people to say rude things in regards to me or the opposite.

    Thatís another topic. Though, that has also interfered with my relationship with Stacy because she doesnít like everybody in her business. And for some reason my privacy has become glass. And Iím no narcissist or someone that craves attention so I like my privacy as well.

    Paranoid is out the window, itís happening. But that situation I mentioned involving feeling insecure, in terms of Stacy. That was me being paranoid because Iím being real here, my dating life sucked before I met her. I would say that every woman that I had feelings for before I met Stacy, ended up in a relationship
    with someone who was my friend. And I was always the odd man out. From Day 1. There were a few that just ended up with someone else. Damn right I was paranoid. I didnít give love a final shot to watch Stacy be with someone else. Iím here to be to Stacy, who had I to watch other buy to the women Iíve had ferlings for in the past. Which is the man in a heterosexual couple. But Iím not here to use Stacy to heal the hurt of my past or compensate for it. Itís because I truly love Stacy. Skip my insecure moment with Stacy, Iím THANKFUL that it played out that way. Because I met the best woman in Stacy and I probably wouldíve never met Stacy if I was more successful with women in my past. Because I probably wouldíve had a girlfriend and ended up not being around the people I was around that led me to meeting Stacy.

    Itís missed that Iím not a weak man. Now zi do get weak when Iím without Stacy because sheís my other half. Like the rib from adam that made eve. And even if you read the zodiac compatibilities, one says neither feels whole without the other or something like that (capricorn woman and aquarius man). Though I donít date based on zodiac. If it were a different woman, I wouldnít even feel like this where a woman can make me week. But Stacy can also make me feel strong, and nothing in the world can break me. Now physically, internally, emotionally, in character, or spiritually. Although most of those count as internal. But Iím not all that bad toxic stuff.

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    Are you back out on the streets or in a half-way house? It seems you are still suffering from delusions and need to talk to the people who supervise you.
    Originally Posted by SBJF104122
    Iíve been arrested for disorderly conduct
    Iíve recently had a doctor, whom I mistook for a counselor. I was explaining something I went through in the past with me being falsely accused of something. He then had me hospitalized under the premise I confessed to him that I did what I was falsey accused of.
    The second doctor then wouldnít let me out.
    Then he lied to a Supreme Court Judge about me to keep me further hospitalized.

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    Hi SBJF,

    How well do you and your wife communicate? You seem to be overly concerned about other people. If you continue to obsess on how they may be sabotaging your relationship, you need help. Focus on your relationship with Stacy and try to iron out things on your own. If communication is a problem, therapy can help, preferrably marital therapy.

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    If Stacy does not share your feelings, then there is no mutual love. It downgrades your feels to infatuation. Nobody can be whatever you define as a "soulmate" if they do not share your level of intensity of feelings.
    So, in order to change that takes more than an unrealistic level of effort. Likely to not produce the desired response by the object of your infatuation.

    If I were you, I would give up on the idea of a soul mate. Whether or not you find love with someone. There are billions of people on the planet. You could be compatible with a lot of them - or not. Maybe Stacy is not one of those people.

    Too much pressure to put on her to call her your soul mate.
    Last edited by jimthzz; 12-13-2018 at 02:16 PM.

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