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It doesn't matter if he was having 10 different sexual partners a night, in their bed. None of that is relevant to home ownership and the legalities of it all.

It's in her name, so it's her house. If he wants his money back, he'll have to hire a lawyer. They both should seek separate lawyers who are real estate specialists to untangle this mess.

Chances are, the lawyers are going to look at bank records, statements, receipts, and recommend distribution based on those receipts. In short, each will probably get back what he/she put in, minus the legal fees and their sanity.

No amount of cameras, surveillance, recorders, or anything are going to be admissible. All it will do is provide her with a "Gotcha!". Know what? She doesn't need that. She has suspicions enough to wire up the house. She should leave the relationship, and deal with the house, and save her surveillance camera money.
Exactly. Save your money. If you have suspicions, get out.