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Thread: I have no control over myself anymore

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    Most physicians will speak English with you. Get to a doctor for the alcoholism,depression,etc. Talking to your mother is not the answer.

    Or just keep going like this and you'll meet English speaking doctors soon enough in the emergency department when you are brought in from a car crash or alcohol toxicity or comatose. No one can help you if you are this proud of your self destructive rebellious habits.
    Originally Posted by fracturedlife
    2 days ago I got dead drunk (almost), my flatmate had to get me home, and today I kinda feel like having a beer gain.

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    Originally Posted by smackie9
    You are in uni, they have counselors on campus for the students for free. Book an appointment. I did that I was in college...I learned a lot from the experience.
    Yep! Except that the counseling is not 'free,' you've already paid for it with your tuition. If anything would motivate me to use the service, it would be that I've paid the money for something I badly need but simply haven't looked into using.

    Contact student services and ask for the appointment line for counseling. If they can't see you quickly, tell them it's urgent. You can also contact the local hospital and ask them for a referral for help with alcoholism.

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    Well, I might have expressed myself a bit weird the other day. It doesn't happen often that I get that drunk, in fact, I can easily stay without alcohol (haven't touched it since then, don't even feel need to drink some). I just wanted to say that I would have no problem drinking just one (definietly wouldn't get drunk tho). I meant that I have problems with self control, talking about whatever habit, drinking, eating, since always, not just when depressed.

    What was the woule point of my post is that I am sick of ty life cirumstances happening to me lately...

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