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Thread: Should i be embarrassed

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    Why haven't you gone on meds for your anxiety?

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    Originally Posted by marlowe1996
    Iíve been getting treatment for my physical illness and thatís drastically improved. Iím not on any medication for my mental health. Iím in the process of trying to get on medication to grow my hair back. I lost the only friend i really did stuff with, but my sister and her boyfriend have been supportive and inviting me to go out with them. My anxiety is too bad to do anything around too many people. But i am making an effort. Other than that i do stuff with my parents which sounds kinda sad but i do really love them and am comfortable with them. We are all putting in work to get me out of these circumstances, itís definitelty difficult and iím sure the hardest thing iíll go through. Itís coming up on four years of my life being this way, iím 22. and the first three years of my life being this way i was with my ex, which also makes this hard for me. he was my rock through this, itís obviously even messier than it seemed.
    So I read your post and there's a couple of thoughts that came to mind. It could've been his gf that asked you to tell him in detail how you felt about him. After you responded it could've been her again deleting your response so he never saw it and thus he never replied to you. Then finally, to get rid of you from his life, it would be her staging that voicemail so that you would think that they are going at it and then you would look like a crazy ex gf. I don't know what you should do here. It seems like he's with an abusive girlfriend and she's going to do crazy stuff to make sure he stays with her. He's already broken up once with her and she's trying to prevent him from doing that again. Maybe he'll stay with this abusive gf. In any case, there is little for you feel embarrassed about, you can feel manipulated but not embarrassed because it doesn't apply. It's just his gf sending fake voicemails cause she's worried she's going to lose him and no one else will accept her abusive self.

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    you are psycho for going after the new gf.
    your beef is with HIM, not HER!

    move on
    leave him behind
    youíre better off without him.

    thatís it.

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