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Thread: Ex got in touch

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    You did the right thing and as people say you usually only have a successful reconciliation once you don't care if you get back together anymore so either way you win.

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    Originally Posted by yorkshireguy84
    Quick update..... she came and stayed the night and everything was like we was back together. Even the next day we laughed and joked, she asked if I was dating anyone and asked a lot of times!! She saidnshe was confused and she needed space i left her alone and a week later she got back in touch again. Now she's saying she doesn't think we can carry on talking. But then talks about all the good times we had together. I feel like I've split up again and starting to get a bit needy with messages etc. I do still love her.

    Sounds like she was having a dry spell and checked in for an affection fix, which you gave her. She knows she can have you, but doesn't want you, and now she's off again.

    You need to take the power back, and there is only one way to do that.

    As Carus says you have to be strong.

    Stick to NC.

    If she ever wants to come back, she'll come and find you.

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    I once met a guy who was a friend of my friend. He told me a really sad story that my friend later confirmed in more detail. He had been engaged to a woman who broke it off from him and went out with other guys but periodically she'd check in with him, they'd get together- presumably between her having boyfriends. They'd hook up a short time, he'd get his hopes up and then she'd dump him again. And again.. it was sad, it was pathetic, and he knew it but he felt powerless to do anything to stop it. Last I heard it was still going on and he never met another girl.

    Don't be that guy.

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