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Thread: I'm losing my attraction to my husband cause of his weight

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    Stop nagging. Stop being abusive and insulting. Stop competing about how "healthy" you eat and what a disgusting pig he is by contrast. None of it is working and creating three problems. His weight, your nagging and chronic marital discord.

    Are you or have you been overweight? It seems you have issues with this yourself. All you can do is get an appt with a therapist to unpack some of your stress and concerns. Perhaps get some tips on better communication and some ideas for solving these issues.

    Would like him to be on your case constantly about your eating, looks, body, weight, etc? No? Would you be hurt and resentful? Yes? Then stop doing it to him.
    Originally Posted by boardwalk
    I brought his weight issue up yesterday and he got all defensive, which I expected. We went to lunch yesterday. I ate grilled chicken and a salad with a small amount of dressing on the side.

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    Hi Boardwalk,

    He probably has clinical depression. I am sorry to hear he won't take the medication for it. Medication has side effects, but people get used to them in a few weeks. Will he see a counselor or a psychologist about his depression? That would be one way to deal with it.

    I would not pressure him about his weight. You are right to be concerned, though, because the extra weight is bad for his health. You already set a good example.

    Look for things you can do together so you can keep each other company. Instead of talking to him about how you feel about his habits, try reaching out to friends and going out with them. That gets you out of the house and gives you a chance to tell other people how you feel about this situation. That way, you don't hold all your feelings inside.

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