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This was to demonstrate to you and warn you that he can and will use your daughter to perpetuate abuse. This is to make it clear to you that he can abduct her because you have failed to get supervised visitation and failed to provide her school with appropriate documents regarding the restraining order and supervised visitation.

Many better school districts now require a parent to have a photo ID on file and documented designated people who also must provide photo ID who are allowed to pick up a child. This is because of the marked uptick in child abductions and custodial interference cases. This was to intimidate you and show you all the holes in your lax protection of her and yourself. He is never going to ask your permission for anything. He is not interested in amicable co-parenting. He is interested in intimidation and revenge for filing a restraining order. Don't kid yourself that abusers won't mess with loved ones in order to get to you.
Iíve contacted the resource center for supervised visits. And I am going tomorrow to provide documentation to the school. Thank you for your help, Iím hoping this situation gets better.