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Thread: Why does there seem to be a growing narcissistic epidemic among the young?

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    Originally Posted by nutbrownhare
    You can be rude, self absorbed and self centred without being a narcissist.
    Its called being a human...

    I agree with the rest though!

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    Originally Posted by boltnrun
    Self absorbed. Self centered.

    Narcissism, from my understanding, is a diagnosable personality disorder.

    So, again, self absorbed and self centered rather than narcissistic.
    Before it was adopted but psychologists to name a diagnosable personality disorder, the term "narcissist" was used to describe a quality or condition where a person is self absorbed.

    The term "narcissist" comes from mythology and is literally centuries older than the science of psychology. It's probably thousands of years older, in fact.

    Calling someone "narcissistic" isn't the same as saying that person has narcissistic personality disorder.

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