I agree with the person who said your husband is likely a narcissist. What youíre describing is gaslighting. Narcissists do it to their ďlovedĒ ones all the time. It will never stop and if you have any children, they will receive even more emotional abuse than you do. I would not, under any circumstances, agree with him about the terrible things he says about you, this will only be used against you in further gaslighting sessions. The best thing to do is to simply not say anything at all. Just remain calm on the outside. Once the narcissists sees that they arenít getting the response they want, they walk away defeated. You need to really ponder whether or not you want to spend the rest of your life with someone who will constantly try to make you doubt yourself.

Now that I have addressed that situation, I have to agree with the others who have observed that a grown woman insisting on getting a Christmas stocking is odd to say the least. On top of it, youíre actually able to come up with an entire list of things you want to fill the stocking? Youíre an adult. Quit focusing on small stuff and pay attention to the bigger issues. Happy Holidays!