In your description, in the beginning, you talk clearly about knowing her background and knowing her reservations, her religion, and despite knowing this, you moved forward when she moved forward. You speak as if you knew. Then you later backtrack and say you didn't know. How were you to know? Which one is it, OP?

I see you leaping straight into the fire. You well-knew this woman had reservations and stigmas associated with her upbringing, and you went in for the kill instead of taking a step back and thinking about the long-term this a good idea?

She doesn't know what she wants or what to do. She grew up in a highly structured and dominating belief system with some strict rules, and while she might not adhere to these beliefs and rules right now, she has a major inner struggle on right and wrong...a fight between X values and Y values, and neither values are wrong.

People who are raised in a highly structured and domineering belief system, one that they do not necessarily believe or adhere to, have major inner battles and struggles. They may also face being fully shunned by their family, trash talked, and their reputations blown. It's a major issue, and one best avoided. Even someone who has fully ousted themselves and embrace the fact it's over with the family, carry major burdens.

If you weren't fully aware of the religious ramifications, and the familial ramifications, I do believe you had a full sense that something was "amiss" and yet you fell into the intimacy because "she took the lead," and okay, you knew but you ignored, but now you're dealing with the ramification. Her sense of guilt, her shame.

Don't get involved with anyone that has this much conflict...just don't. Lesson learned. I have been there, done that, and when it comes to this high level of religious and cultural and family conflict, I just don't think it's worth it. Let her go. Let her deal with her struggles. Maybe sometime down the road, she'll have a better sense of self, but despite that, you still have to deal with her demons and her you want to raise your children this way; subject them to a lifestyle you inherently oppose? What new drama will erupt with your refusal?

I have no idea what C-PTSD is. What does the "C" stand for. Why are you trying to get yourself involved in a romantic relationship while you still cling to your label? Do you think maybe you should get your ducks in a row first? Maybe it wouldn't prompt you to get involved with a woman who is exceptionally confused with her own emotional garbage?