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Thread: My step kids mom is trying to get pregnant...

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    my bubby wore a body cam to record all the crap his ex wife was doing with the kids, and violating things. He'd take pics when she didn't do their hair and how messed up it got. You can ask them to keep a journal of times she does not feed them or get picked up from school, and alone in their home

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    is it petty? no. not with the demonstrated historical pattern of behavior the ex- has shown.
    should you wish bad things on another? yo know the answer to that.
    what can you do about it? not much. her life, her relationship, her thing. (i'm pretty sure the baby has somethign to do with his demands about the relationship... or some dynamic between them like she feels she has a better chance to keep him if they have a baby?) dunno. weird.

    be there for your step-kids.. maybe this will help you guys have a stronger case of full custody (and that's a good outcome).. i dunno.

    good luck.

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