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Thread: Best Friend is 26 (F) seeing 54 (M)

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    Hopefully you are busy with your resume, sending out applications, going on interviews etc. Also nasty gossip is not the way to deal. Have you considered therapy as a sounding board for negative thoughts and a way to develop a more peaceful less conflicted attitude toward other people who are supposedly friends?

    Have you considered getting out of the house more and taking some classes, courses that you enjoy or help you blow off steam and relax? Why not sign up for some fitness/relaxation classes such as yoga or an exercise class? Being this idle and bored seems to be contributing to obsessive thoughts, excessive worry and a great deal of negative ruminating and anger.
    Originally Posted by Jellybean9
    I think if I was busy working. I wouldn't notice.

    I think being at home and never ranting to other friends about friends.

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    I was merely tying up the thread as a lot of people said leave get alone to get on with her life.

    I tried reaching out to her. I took advice of others not to get involved with get relationship which I'm glad I did.

    I don't think I've said anything negative towards her and simply stated facts.

    Some people on her was curious about her dad knowing. Updated as he seemed to still be in the dark.

    She is a really good friend.

    We literally grew up together from the age of one. I've been through all her relationships and she has been all through mine. Never has a man got in the way of that.

    So yes I reached out on here seeing if I should be a good friend and get involved with her some what controlling relationship.

    I didn't as I think even you said people grow apart and we have different lives now. She wants to be settled with her bf. Doesn't want to "girly" life anymore. So all in all that's that.

    What I stated here with no nastiness. I wished her well with him and they seem happy.

    Like I said I'll be there when she reaches out again. I'm going to at least do that myself before Xmas.

    Although someone else had referenced you shouldn't be a doormat to someone who only wants you there for the bad times. It's emotionally draining.

    Classes and hobbies aren't mentally stimulating enough like a full time job. I'm focusing on applying and volunteering in the new year.

    I am taking active steps.

    Also accepting this friendship has fizzled. Only time it's ever happened and I do feel like it is to do with her seeing this guy. I don't believe it's her.

    As it also appears she does not have time with her other friends sadly. She has always been very outgoing even when in relationships in the past.

    I'm still worried for her in this relationship but you can't help anyone who doesn't want to be helped.

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