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Thread: I feel anxious about my boyfriend visiting a female friend across country

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    Are they staying under the same roof? My POV is that hanging out with / visiting old friends from the opposite sex is totally okay but out of respect to your current partner you wouldn't sleep at your friends' place overnight (unlike when you are single). Exception perhaps if they were married or were living with a long-term partner.

    As others have said you are exclusive. Thus, you either trust him or you don't.

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    This is a new relationship, so you're still learning about him. This woman is part of his history, but rather than offhandedly asking him if he'd sleep around, which doesn't buy you any real answers, I'd have asked him whether he and she have any sexual history together. THAT would have told me all I'd need to know about whether I'm sticking around to discover how he behaves after his trip, or not.

    Since you don't seem to have that information, I'd give him the benefit of doubt and see how things go on his return. If he behaves normally, you can learn whether you'll hold the same concerns about this woman over time. If he behaves distant or conflicted, I'd dump him.

    Head high, and I hope you'll let us know how things turn out.

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